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Backup Software: Easy to use - easy to register!

In this video, learn how easy and facile it is to register Handy Backup.

Latest Backup Utilities

FTP Backup is quite useful when we have to backup information on remote server in different geographical location. When usual media storage and removable storage cannot handle all the needs FTP backup software will be perfect.

Backup via FTP using SmartSync Pro is an essential way to save most important documents and data files which couldn't be really safe on a local hard drive on in immediate proximity to your computer.

Latest Backup Articles

Backup to DVD is one of the most popular backup types for home users and small business because it is affordable and easy-to-use even for novice PC user...

Back up to DVD using Handy Backup. It supports ZIP compression, encryption and has a scheduler with automatic backup to DVD software. Backs up to DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW...

Backup programs are inevitable basis of individual and business data security on the one hand, and on the other hand allow user to ease into an unstructured data management by implementing primary storage optimization software solution...

Backup Programs

Handy Backup Standard 6.7

Handy Backup is a powerful backup software for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 or 2008/2003 Server. Performs automatic backup to local and external drives including USB, Flash and FireWire, CD, FTP, LAN and Online. Features ZIP compression, 128-bit encryption, flexible scheduler and can run as Windows service. Has presets to backup Outlook, ICQ, Registry, Favorites, Desktop folders and more.

Backup Services

Remote backup service lets you to store backups in the most secure location - remote servers located in the underground shelter in USA. Keeping your backups online allows you to forget about the necessity to manage multiple hard drives, create appropriate conditions for tape archives, etc. You can try Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC including 5 GB of free storage space.