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Acronis backup software review

This Acronis software review describes most significant advantages and disadvantages of the backup software.

Drive Image. True Image allows performing incremental and differential drive image backups.

Acronis software review: files-based backup presets

Files-based backup presets. True Image has separate options to back up My Music, My Videos and My Pictures. Besides this, True Image can back up Windows Mail.

True Image creates a special backup zone on a hard drive (Secure Zone) which is bootable, can be used to store backups and is helpful for system recovery.

Has the Try&Decide feature which exploits the Secure Zone for a trial system restoration, thus the user can decide if he wants to keep the changes or not.

Snap Restore is a unique feature of True Image which also exploits the Secure Zone. It allows fast system restoration by restoring sectors with system files firstly, which enables the user to continue working in a matter of minutes.

Acronis software review: general features

True Image allows restoring separate files and folders from a drive image.

Allows mounting drive images as disk volumes and accessing their data as logical drives.

Supports creation of a boot CD disk which can be used for system restoration in cases of emergency and elective restoration of backups through the use of file masks.

True Image allows launching backup task when data changes reach certain size.

Summary:In conclusion of the Acronis software review it is necessary to add that the True Image has a perfectly developed image-based backup and multiple powerful functions that exploit the Secure Zone, however, it is doubtful that these features receive much appreciation from people who are not IT-professionals.

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