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FTP Backup for Smart User
FTP backup is quite useful when we have to backup information on remote server in different geographical location. When usual media storage and removable storage cannot handle all the needs FTP backup software will be perfect. If you are looking for FTP backup solution which doesnt takes much time to understand all the bells and whistles, here it is.

Backup via FTP SmartSync Pro
Backup via FTP is an essential way to save most important documents and data files which couldnt be really safe on a local hard drive on in immediate proximity to your computer.

Backup to FTP - Stellar InstaBackup
Backup to FTP sometimes becomes necessary when you have to synchronize or backup your critical data to remote computer or server. Information is the most precious and the most fragile of business assets. Thats why the importance of choosing right software solution for backup to FTP couldnt be overestimated.

Backup to FTP - PCS Backup Agent
This program is very intuitive in use. File selection is straightforward and simple. Users can choose separate files or folders from a dialog box. It is also possible to pick an FTP server or specify a web site URL and back up these remote files.

Auto Backup is an easy-to-use program design.

Directory synchronizer, Backup, ZIP, FTP

AlmerBackup is a backup program that allows..

It is an easy to use automatic backup utility

A powerful backup utility zip file compatible

A powerful and easy-to-use backup tool.

Easy backup tool for windows

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Backup Article. Backup to FTP: pros and cons

One of the most secure ways of storing data that was backed up for an emergency case is to store it in a remote location... Many people from around the Globe have secured their important information and files using backup to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) feature of their backup software.
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