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ZIP backup – Argentum backup software
Argentum Backup is a useful tiny backup utility that allows you to easily create zip backup of your folders and documents. Argentum Backup secures you from hardware malfunctioning, spyware and viruses, accidental deletes and overwrites of information.

ZIP backup – SyncProBackup
Zip backup is a very simple and straightforward method of backing up data. For one thing the backed up information is easily accessible from any PC if it is backed up in a zip archive. Syncing files and folders is another way of storing important information and it is seldom that zip backup and syncing are included in one application.

Backup to ZIP – nnBackup
nnBackup is a tiny and useful utility to back up to zip and synch your folders and files. nnBackup supports data backup to zip with gz or zip algorithms. Moreover it is possible to launch a chosen program before and after backup actually begins.

Utility to optimally fit files/folders on CD.

Instant Backup lets you backup your data.

Directory synchronizer, Backup, ZIP, FTP

Make and manage backups of files and folders.

Automate your daily backup into Zip files

Easy-to-use BackUp Tool / ZIP Compatible

Powerful backup utility