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HDD Backup

HDD backup deliver faster data backup and recovery times in comparison with other storage media types. Hard disks also provide portability and infinite capacity features to meet corporate offsite data retention and recovery requirements.
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FTP Backup

FTP backup is the most secure way to store reserve copies of important information safe from any kind of data loss whether it will be computer crash, software error or natural disaster.
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Backup to CD

Backup to CD is the best solution for individuals and small business. Backup to CD software allows to backup sensible information to CD discs on regular basis automatically or manually with optional use of backup tasks scheduling, encryption and compression tools.
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Remote Backup

Remote backup is most up-to-date and cost effective backup solution. While reserving to CD discs can take hours, remote backup is commonly as fast as reliable. You also don't have to worry about buying and installing hardware.
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ZIP Backup

Zip backup has proven its reliability and effectiveness and is used successfully by medium business and enterprises.
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Backup to DVD

Backup to DVD is one of the most popular backup types for home users and small business because it is affordable and easy-to-use even for novice PC user. DVD discs have large capacity and are also reliable enough and easily transportable which make them a storage media of choice for great many of users.
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Backup programs

Backup programs are inevitable basis of individual and business data security on the one hand, and on the other hand allow user to ease into an unstructured data management by implementing primary storage optimization software solution.
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Backup utilities

Backup utilities are widely used both by home users and enterprises to prevent dataloss in case of hardware error, natural disaster, theft or simple deleting important files by mistake. Up-to-date backup utilities can store reserve copies to different media.
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Best backup software - which one to choose?

Best backup software - how to choose the right one? We live in the age of breakthrough IT technologies when information becomes the most valuable between all business assets. Data loss and computer crash both can take place in every moment and cause serious problems.
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Backup to FTP: pros and cons

One of the most secure ways of storing data that was backed up for an emergency case is to store it in a remote location... Many people from around the Globe have secured their important information and files using backup to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) feature of their backup software.
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