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Most popular hard drive backup software.

Handy Backup is commonly-known as one of the most powerful software solutions to deliver the hard disk backup functionality.

Backup to hard drive - Abacre backup
Abacre Backup can be the perfect solution for home users for protection of their precious data from any possible accident: hard drive malfunction, OS brake-down, or even spyware and viruses.

Backup to HD - East-Tec backup
East-Tec Backup is one of the backup solutions that support multitude of backup destinations, but at the same time focus on backup to HD, and thus provide rich functionality for such backups.

Backup to HDD - Drive Backup Personal
Paragon's Drive Backup Personal backup tool with supported backup to external hard drives may still be a couple of feature less impressive than its competitor Handy Backup, but not all users may need the missing functions.

Despite the rapid growth of Web-based services that tend to provide their users with more and more disk space for storing their data online, many users still prefer to keep most of their personal data on local hard drives.

Powerful but so easy to use backup tool

Personal Backup Program - backup files.

Auto Backup is an easy-to-use program design.

File synchronization replication and backup

Extract/rescue specific portions of files

Make and manage backups of files and folders.

A highly configurable backup program.

A handy backup program that lets you easily .

The one stop personal backup software.

AlmerBackup is a backup program that allows..

AbsoluteSystemBackup presents a backup utilit

Many features, easy to use Backup program

A powerful and easy-to-use backup tool.

Back up and restore files and folders

Backup & Disaster Recovery for Windows PCs

CopyCat: Easy to use, powerful backup utility

Backup, restore device drivers on your system

Outlook Express Backup and Restore

Backup email data from top 9 Email Clients.

Win 95/98/ME Recover gracefully from a system

Softempire - enterprise resource planning ERP shareware and free software and warehouse management system WMS software for the mid-sized manufacturing and distribution market.