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Volume Snapshot Backup Program: How Cool Is That?

What is VSS for backup software solution? Is it a good things when there is some VSS in a data backup utility?

Volume Snapshot Service is the technology that provides taking hand-operated (or automated which promises even more tricks; automated rules!) shadows of files at a moment in time when the backup begins. The 'shadow' thing looks pretty cool, but it is not cool-sounding words which makes Volume Snapshot Service worth discussion. The greatest betefit about the technology is the fact: it saves locked files. To be capable to develop and save shadow copies, VSS awaits for the file system to be NT.

Thus, with the VSS functionality aboard, you have a chance to create reliable backups of a volume as the size is not modified and no problems with files being blocked arise.

The files saving procedure can be arranged two main steps. The first one is to transfer over VSS functionality to the operating system. The second variant is to utilize the stuff as a Windows service.

But let's drop the dull formalization and come to attend a piece of exciting exercises. So, again, what do these nice VSS things exactly mean for file backup software?

Practically, the advanced Volume Shadow Copy Service functionality brings the joy of hot backup for files with complex structure to be safe and functioning. For illustration, while saving databases, this service accurately processes all current operations regarding those databases and creates a snapshot of data, the processing database version. So, say bonjour to on-the-fly backup copies of Microsoft SQL Server (and here is bye-bye to stopping the service in order to proceed with the saving routine).

Take Microsoft Exchange Server. The VSS feature in backup solutions will do a smart process here too. For example, it will back up current databases instead of coping the total volume they are stored to (a traditional MS practice, sadly).

And when it comes to hard disk imaging, the magic capability of VSS for hot backup goes on bringing beautiful functions, like the entire OS saving without logging off Windows, syncing of two HD images, and consequently convenient PC cloning.

So, if you still haven't tried backup software with Volume Shadow Service aboard, isn't now sounds like an excellent day to try them?

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This article was composed by Paul Black, the technology fan, guitar music maker, recreational physics instructor, automatic development guru, web programming geek, and social network community consultant. When Paul doesn't do things indicated by the listed above abilities, he writes on software solutions for offline media, also, sleeps, and once again writes on software (looks like he can't get enough of sharing great things he knows about all sorts of utilities). Check out Handy Backup utility on Google+, the official page, to read more of Paul (hangout?)

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